Pitt Garrett's Interview of Al Dressen

This was filmed about 5 years ago by Pitt Garrett and his film group, and I'd forgotten about it.  I did an old gospel song on the show and then this interview that he called "Get to Know Al Dressen."  Al and his band will perform at this music festival

Carolyn Martin's "A Platter of Brownies" Sampler

Carolyn and the band did a fine job on these Songs from the era of Milton Brown and the Musical Brownies.  This is a sample of those songs

Al Dressen's Super Swing Revue with "Beautiful Texas"

Written by W Lee ODaniel back in the thirties when he was traveling with the LightCrust Doughboys and running for Governor.  The music was written by the Doughboys.  This needs to be one of our State Songs.  

Billy Mata and the Texas Tradition

Billy and the band do a great version of this medley with Big Balls in Cowtown and Take Me Back to Tulsa.

Kristyn Harris and her Album Let Me Ride

This is an Album  Sampler from 2013 and includes some great songs.

Carolyn Martin and Her Western Swing Band

Oh what a nice version of Swing On.  Be sure and watch the dancers!

Al Dressen's BBQ Playboys and a Taster Video

Around BBQ they are the BBQ Playboys!   This is a taste of what the band does whith shortened versions of a group of songs.

Billy Mata and the Texas Tradition

Oh Yeah!!  Milk Cow Blues!!

The Gimbles

Check out this video from the Gimbles with Dick on guitar, and Emily on piano.  Also, Ms. Katie Shore playing some fine fiddle.  The video progresses  with the Gimbles being joined by their full band.  

Al Dressen's Super Swing Revue "Beautiful Texas cd"

This is from their 2013 CD release, "Beautiful Texas", and includes bits of all the songs on the CD

Ms. Kristyn Harris

Kristyn sings Across the Alley From the Alamo.  Great job!