Emily Gimble


Emily Gimble

She's really great on the piano, and does some really nice vocals also.  Worth spending some time checking her out!! 

Dick Gimble


 He's his father's son, one fine musician. This HOF Inductee plays a hot bass fiddle and guitar and truly understands Western Swing music. A great disposition and a real fine singer. Knows how to stack the bricks to make a great song. HOF inductee Dick Gimble. 

Carolyn Martin



Carolyn always has a great band.  They won't let you down! And her beautiful vocals  will put you in another dimension.   Plan on feeling like you need to dance!

Super Swing Revue at the Driskill


 Al Dressen's Super Swing Revue at the Driskill Hotel in Austin in 1988. Starting at the top left standing: Al Dressen, Herb Remington, Sherry Barr Walker, Cowboy Dick. Seated: Bob White, Al Gibson, Buddy Beasley, Paul Glasse, Floyd Domino, Kris Barnes, and Wes Starr standing bottom right.  

Fiddler Ricky Turpin


 This HOF Inductee, Ricky Turpin plays solos that are definitely Ricky Turpin. He has his own style and no one else comes near those solos. He can also write and build some great 3 part fiddle harmonies, and song endings done like the Texas Playboys would be proud of. On top of that he is a great singer and adds a third part harmony like not many can.  

The Three Amigos


 HOF Inductees Billy Mata, Al Dressen, and Bobby Flores at a Gathering a few years back. Looks more  like the Three Muskoteers!! 

Lucy Dean Record


 HOF Inductee Lucy Dean Record. Wow, does this gal play with some energy!! It doesn't matter who she plays with, they all sound better when she is around!!  

Six Texas Playboys


 HOF Inductees: Fiddler Bob White, Steelman Herb Remington, Bass fiddler and vocalist Louise Rowe, Vocalist Laura Lee McBride, Fiddler Bob Boatright, and Vocalist Leon Rausch. At a Texas Playboy Reunion at the Broken Spoke in 1988.  

Barbara Martin


 What a lady and what help she has given to everyone, performers, clubs, fans, and all the rest. Until recently, HOF Inductee Barbara Martin published her Western Swing Monthly and kept us all informed and helped us all inform others. Great job Barbara!   She has retired, and we miss seeing  her smiling face and great attitude. 

Great fiddle section


 These guys were quite a crew, lots of laughs and stories, and really taught all of us folks in the band who were about 30 years younger, a lot about western swing and the music business in general. Inductees and fiddlers Bob White, Buddy Beasley, and Bob Boatright. The two Bobs were also Texas Playboys. Broken Spoke 1988.  

Bill Dessens


HOF Inductee Bill Dessens, who played both steel and fiddle with equal expertise. Great man to have in the band , knew western swing, great personality. We miss Bill.

Casey Dickens


 HOF Inductee Casey Dickens played drums with Bob Wills Texas Playboys. For a while he was the business manager for Bob and they roomed together on the road. So, not only is he a Texas Playboy, but he knows a thousand stories about Bob and the band. 

Austin Opry House 1989


This photo includes HOF Inductees Cliff Bruner on fiddle, Chris OConnell singing, band leader Al Dressen, Paul Glasse on mandolin and Louise Rowe on bass fiddle. On drums is the great Mike Christian. This was in 1989 at the Hall of Fame Show at the Austin Opry House.   

Broken Spoke 1984


 1984 in Austin at the Broken Spoke. That's HOF inductee Jimmy Day on steel guitar, with Chris Sonnenberg on guitar, and Bob Pool on bass.  Jimmy Day  was a genius on the steel guitar.  So much was learned from Jimmy.

Musician of Old Austin


 Jerry Lightsey, HOF Inductee, bassman, vocalist and according to his business card, All Around Nut! He came from a musical family in the Austin area and played with a lot of fine dance bands in the Central Texas area. A big part of the Austin music sound in the 40's and 50's. 

1988 at the Spoke


 HOF Inductee Wes Starr. Wes can play drums  with any style of music. He shines on western swing . Wes likes to use brushes and he does it so well. Watch and listen to Wes Starr at your next opportunity and you'll learn a lot about Western Swing. 

Junior Pruneda on Bass


 HOF Inductee Junior Pruneda, bassman and great vocalist. Junior can make you feel good from the way he plays and sings, but also from the great stories of the past that he tells. A real 1st class musician and man. 

Bandleader Larry Lange


 HOF Inductee Larry Lange, guitarist, vocalist and band leader. He's a fine gentleman and his band, the Lone Star Troubadours are a great representation of a true Western Swing dance band. Larry is one of the ambassadors of Western Swing 

What? We're playing with Floyd TIllman!


 HOF Inductee Floyd Tillman playing a gig with the SSR, Jane Quisenberry, Al Dressen, Bob Pool and Paul Glasse. Floyd was one heck of a song writer and as a song stylish you might say he led the way. What a man, we miss you Floyd! 

Two Generations Two Legends


 Inductees Floyd Domino on piano and vocalist Leon Rausch at the Broken Spoke in 1988. Pretty sure Leon was telling Floyd a story from the old days.  It's hard to explain to folks about the fun, and at the same time the experience and education that the musicians in Floyd's generation received from the musicians like Leon in his generation. 

Big Night in Austin


 That's Smokey Dacus in the rear on drums, Eldon Shamblin on guitar, Tommy Allsup on guitar, band leader Al Dressen, and Joe Frank Ferguson on bass fiddle in 1989 at the Austin Opry House.   Oh, what a night!!

Watching Herb Remington


 That's inductees Herb Remington on steel and vocalist Leon Rausch lookin on, vocalist Al Dressen, Wes Starr on drums, and the wonderful vocalist Sherry Barr Walker at the Broken Spoke in 1989.  

No one will believe me when I tell them about this


 Also, 1989 at the Opry House, Inductees Herb Remington on steel, Eldon Shamblin on guitar, Tommy Allsup on guitar, band leader Al Dressen, and Paul Glasse on mandolin in the front row. Smokey Dacus on drums, and Joe Frank Ferguson on bass fiddle 

An Honor to present this award


 HOF Inductee Redd Volkaert, a guitarist who, when he plays, makes you think he is also a philosopher. He can play funny, serious, heavy, soft , simple, complicated, but always like Redd Volkaert. What a musician and great person.  

Herb Remington with Al


 Another promo shot from 1988, Al Dressen with HOF Inductee Herb Remington. This man can play steel guitar and make you feel good! Our band learned sooo much from Herb. He is what I call a Professor of Western Swing. The first recording session I did with him I heard someting I hadn't heard before and haven't heard since. It gave me goose bumps then and still does now when I think about it.  

Listen to This


 HOF Inductees Bruce Forman and CowBop. Bruce plays stunning guitar, and the group plays Western Swing that is fun, pleasant, dangerous yet safe, unexpected, and comical yet serious, all at the same time!!  

Wayne Wood and Howard Kalish


HOF Inductees Wayne Wood and Howard Kalish.  Howard was posing with one of his heros.  Wayne Wood was once THE guitar teacher in Austin.  If  you grew up in Austin  from 1950 til  the end of the 1900's and wanted to learn guitar, you probably learned from Wayne.  What a teacher he was.  He got you excited about playing.  You'd learn a song and if you could play it he'd grab his Fender  or his steel and play along with you.   You thought you were in heaven cause this guy could play, way better than most folks.  Thank you Wayne Wood.

Two Young Guys


 HOF Inductees Al Dressen and Paul Glasse in a promo shot in 1988. A lot of western swing music has been played and experienced by these two since then. Check out Paul Glasse, master of the mandolin and someone that understands Western Swing!  

Tell Us A Story Leon


 HOF Inductee Leon Rausch. A Texas Playboy vocalist and guitar and bass player, Leon would be placed in the top ten of Most Fun Characters in Western Swing. Maybe even Top Three. Same thing goes for vocalist , Top Three and for some Number One!!  

Dr. Townsend


 Al Dressen with HOF Inductee Dr. Charles Townsend, a writer extraordinaire. He wrote the great biography of Bob Wills, "San Antonio Rose", where he includes a lot of history, but also explains exactly what Western Swing is. Very interesting fellow to talk with. Knows a lot of things the rest of us don't.  

The Branson's


 HOF Inductee Ted Branson and his wife Linda, who supports Ted big time in his music endeavors. Ted came into the Hall of Fame as a result of his deeds and forward thinking about Western Swing music and the history of all music as a disc jockey, Fine people, these two 

Over This Way Billy


HOF Inductees All Dressen with bassman Billy Dee. Billy has a long history in country music, but picked up some family Western Swing licks and can do the job on bass as well as being a great vocalist. There are signs of Billy Dee all over Texas!

Texas Drummer Boy



HOF Inductee Johnny Cuviello,on drums. Wow, this gentleman had so much energy on his instrument, and was such a pleasure to talk with about his days with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Known as the Texas Drummer Boy, a song that he and Herb Remington wrote together. We miss you Johnny!! 




What an entertainer this gal is. So Special. She does Cowboy Songs, Western Swing, Country and 40’s Big Band all equally well. This gal sings and plays guitar with a lot of style!

Let's Make em' Dance


 HOF Inductee Bobby Flores. Arranger, vocalist, producer, composer, band leader, and instrumentalist. Bobby plays fiddle, guitar and steel, all with greatness. Bob Wills used to tell his band, "Let's make em dance." Bobby does that He is a great Western Swing musician.  

Think, Wonder, and Laugh


 Inductees and vocalists Leon Rausch and Al Dressen, and inductee and mandolin picker Paul Glasse at the Broken Spoke in 1988. Leon was always doing or saying something on stage that made you think, laugh, or wonder. Sometimes all three.  Here he was just popping his knuckles and Paul was wondering, Al was thinking, and both were fixing to laugh.

Dynamic Trio


 How's this for a trio? HOF Inductees Ted Branson, Bobby Flores, and Louise Rowe.  These folks could tell some stories!!

Neal Clausnitzer


 HOF Inductee Neal Clausnitzer, drummer and vocalist.   Neal and Al  have been playing together since  about 1976.  A fine and dependable drummer. with a good singing voice also.  Here you see the drummer's view of what goes on within the stage.

Some of the Super Swing Revue Gals with Al


 HOF Inductees Chris OConnell, Maryann Price, Al Dressen, and Janet Lynn in a picture from the 80's. Wow, these gals sang with the Super Swing Revue and could they sing!! Either solos or in three part harmony. I think this was a moment they were telling Al "We need to sing more songs and we need more money, and don't forget it!!!" And, probably a little more. 

Floyd Domino


 When I think of HOF Inductee Floyd Domino I think of a great, knowledgeable pianoman that developed a left hand for strong boogie woogie, and knows how to play beautiful melodies with a little improvision added as well as two fisted piano pounding. On top of that I think of Floyd with the smile he shows in this photo. Roll em Floyd!!  

Randy Cornor


 One of the guitar greats, this HOF Inductee is Randy Cornor, and he sings very nicely also. He plays twin parts very well, knows how to control the band energy and is just a super performer!  

Playboy Reunion 1988


 Texas Playboy Reunion at the Broken Spoke in 1988. Standking on left: Bob White, Buddy Beasley,Cowboy Dick, Herb Remington, Louise Rowe, Bob Boatright, Leon Rausch, Al Gibson, Sherry Barr Walker, and Floyd Domino. Kneeling on left: Paul Glasse, Kris Barnes, Al Dressen, Laura Lee McBride, Wes Starr, and Doug Davis.

The High Fliers


The High Fliers  These folks were some  of the ones experimenting with what would come to be known as Western Swing.  This photo was in 1930 or 31 at KTAT Radio in Ft. Worth.  Standing l to r, Ramon De Arman and Herman Arwine.  Seated l to r, Claude Davis, Clifford Gross, and Ocie Stockard.  Claude Davis was inducted in 2012.  

Mr. Erik


 Inductee Erik Hokkanen, guitar player and fiddler and just a musical genius. Erik brings an energy to the stage that few can match. He can play any style and do each of them like its his best. Has a very unique singing style also. If you've ever heard Erik, I know you're wanting to hear him again.